标题:Request for godaddy(可以换成其他广告) approval of CJ affiliate program


Hi godaddy(广告主) affiliate team,

I am a Commission Junction publisher,i created 2 websites to promote webhosting products(你推广的产品) for many webhosting companies.But when i applied for your affiliate program in CJ,it turned out to be a sorry.I was told my application was declined by you for more than one reasons,i do understand your effort to make your affiliate program more efficient and profitable,i think i can add more bricks to your affiliate building.

So,may i request you please view my profile again and think about giving me a chance to promote your products.

Yeah,some web hosting companies did as you are doing now,just declined my application due to where i am from(such as godaddy),but when they found i brought significant sales for other webhosting companies(such as fatcow/lunarpages),they reviewed my conditions and asked for my approval for promoting their products.

I have 2 sites on web hosting promotion,please kindly take this into consideration:
The ways i promote these sites are seo and site content,i found they were low-cost and high efficient.

My CJ Account is:你的名字 (账户号,方便对方查看).

Hope to see your approval in CJ really soon.



Hello Cailiang,

Thank you for reaching out. We have manually sent you a new offer. You will need to accept this offer to start promoting GoDaddy on your site. Once you log into CJ on your homepage there will be a section titled tasks.



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